Specialising in Underwater Blasting operations in sensitive underwater areas such as quays, underwater structures, pipelines, cable routes, marine reserves, salvage sites and other sensitive underwater areas. In these areas, commercial or military explosives cannot be used because of ground and shockwave propagation problems and the resultant damage to the infrastructure and marine life.

We also use the latest in Non-Explosive Rock Breaking Cartridges underwater because it produces no damage to surrounding reefs and generates barely noticeable over pressures.

We have undertaken contracts breaking various mediums from Coral Reef to Hard Rock and Re-enforced Concrete Structures.

Our divers can even be in the water within a safe standoff distance when we initiate the Cartridges which means that sea life remains unaffected by the over pressures. We also do not need to evacuate the area as is the case with conventionalunderwater explosive blasting.

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Underwater Blasting (Cape Town)
UXO Clearance Diver
Diver Receiving Charges
Underwater Survey (Italy)
Leaving Surface to Charge Up
Diver on Blast Site