We specialise in Surface Blasting & Rock Breaking in sensitive areas where environmental concerns and risk of collateral damage to infrastructure is paramount. These are areas such as wetlands, nature reserves, inner city and residential areas. We insist on environmentally clean operations and therefore toxic and other chemical options to break the rock or are excluded.

We use Rock Breaking Cartridges that produces low significantly reduced damage to surrounding rock and infrastructure; minimal fly rock; low over pressures resulting in minimal concussion effects; and minimal fumes and dust allowing operations to be carried out continuously without the need to evacuate the area as is the case with conventional explosives blasting.

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Sensitive Area Rock Breaking
Salvage Blasting (Italy)
Post Blasts (Zambia)
Sensitive Area Bulk Excavation (Zambia)
Secondary Breaking (Northern Cape)
Coral Excavation & Jetty Construction (Tahiti)